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For when a diagnosis has been received or end of life is being faced, this work occurs in one-on-one sessions that are designed specifically to suit the needs of the individual. Session focuses may include (but are not limited to):

 • Emotional & spiritual support

• Vigil design

• Life review / legacy work

• Assistance with fulfillment of final wishes, healing relationships, putting things in order

• Energy work & guided meditation

• Ritual creation & facilitation


Not all deaths are preceded by a diagnosis, but that does not prevent an individual or their loved ones from having a sacred and conscious death 

experience. Doula support may include (but is not limited to):

• Emergency room support after an unexpected death

• Holding space while life-support is discontinued (including spiritual guidance / rituals)

• Support with stillborn or infant death


In addition to pre / post death support, customized services are available as standalones, or as enhancements to a package:

• Vigil support

• Assistance completing advance directives for health care and death care

• Abortion or miscarriage support

• Death anxiety counseling


Every death deserves to be honored.


To foster inclusivity and equal access, Rebecca offers a set number of her services per year at no cost. If financial strain makes doula services otherwise inaccessible, please follow the link below to submit a grant application.

Members of the BIPOC community encouraged to apply.

Black lives matter.

Black deaths matter.



The Preparative Support Package:

Over the course of 4 one-on-one sessions, Rebecca works with you to co-create and implement your ideal death & dying experience. Guided by intentions set during a consultation preceding the first meeting, sessions unfold organically to meet the needs of that particular moment in the journey.

The time may be spent in conversation, where a safe space is held to observe and engage fully with what is occurring, to explore beliefs and fears around death & dying. Life review may be facilitated, where guidance is offered to discern meaning and legacy. Tools to foster healing and/or alleviate suffering may be utilized- such as EFT, plant medicine, guided meditation, as well as rituals and ceremonies. Assistance will be offered in identifying where cycles can be closed, forgiveness offered, final wishes fulfilledA vigil plan may be designed and communicated to loved ones, and decisions for end of life care may be explored.

These sessions are designed to honor all of the emotional, spiritual and logistical needs when facing the end of life.

4 sessions (≈1.5-2 hours each) plus one

End of Life Support Offering - $1555

Pre-Death Support

Hospital / Deathbed Visit:

This offering is designed to bring sacredness to the dying experience when end of life is imminent, or death has already occurred. It may be geared toward the dying, or utilized as a support system for loved ones and caregivers as they navigate this phase of the dying process. This may look like (but is not limited to): 

• Creating and holding sacred space / final goodbyes /

sitting vigil

• If a death plan was created, advocating for the honoring of that plan with visitors and/or medical teams

• Performance of sacred rituals

• Energy work / closing of the chakras

• Facilitation of the bathing ritual, where loved ones offer a final act of love after the passing

• Emotional and/or spiritual support for loved ones

• Assistance collaborating with medical and hospice teams

• Assistance reaching out to next of kin

1 visit (≈3 hours) - $333

Grief Reprocessing:

In this session Rebecca works with the caregivers and/or loved ones after some time has passed following the death, to review the experience and reprocess grief. Often the stress experienced during a loved one's passing will cloud one's vision to some of the most beautiful moments at the end of life. Being able to review and reframe with a doula can be extremely helpful in moving through grief and allow for the next chapter to begin with love and gratitude.

1 session (≈1.5 hours) - $120

Stillborn or Infant Death Support:

This unimaginable pain does not have to be held alone. In the event of a stillborn or infant death, doula support may be utilized to honor the life and death of the baby through ritual or ceremony, or simply as guidance in navigating the emotional, spiritual and logistical impacts of the event. A doula will walk this path with you, by your side in every capacity.

1 session (≈1.5 hours) - $90

*We understand that nature does not work on our schedules. Even when an unexpected death occurs, Rebecca can be reached on short notice and will make every attempt to accommodate.


During/Post-Death Offering


Vigil Support:

Vigil begins when the active dying phase is entered, death is imminent and the individual is accompanied around the clock. Doula vigil support can look like

(but is not limited to)

• Creating and holding sacred space for the process

• Emotional and spiritual support for caregivers /

those in attendance

• Sitting in for vigil facilitators / caregivers to give

them time to recharge

• If a death plan was created, advocating for the honoring

of that plan with visitors and/or medical teams

• Performance of rituals

Contact for Vigil Support information >>>

Advance Directive Form Assistance:

In this session we go over wishes and end of life choices, completing all necessary forms per state guidelines.

1 session (≈1.5 hours) - $125

Miscarriage / Abortion Support:

All deaths deserved to be honored. In this session Rebecca works with those grieving to bring sacredness to the experience and pave the way to move forward with peace. That may be through grief processing, facilitation of ritual or ceremony, or any emotional or spiritual support that would aid in the healing process.

1 session (≈1.5 hours) - $90

Death-Anxiety Counseling:

Death doesn't have to be imminent to begin to examine our anxieties and beliefs around dying. This session is a safe space to explore the emotional and spiritual implications of having an expiration date, and using that exploration of death to inform the way we live.

1 session (≈1.5 hours) - $120

Additional Offerings


Form submitted. I look forward to connecting with you!

Replies processed within 24 hours.

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