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General Doula Support:

In this online session Rebecca provides personalized support for all aspects of the death and dying process. This can look like emotional/spiritual support for the individual facing the end of life, or someone left behind. It can look like grief reprocessing, regardless of how much time has passed following the loss of a loved one. It can look like support with general death anxiety, not specifically tied to an imminent or recent passing.

1 session (1.5 hours) - $120

Stillborn / Infant Death Support:

This unimaginable pain does not have to be held alone. In the event of a stillborn or infant death, doula support may be utilized to honor the life and death of the baby through ritual or ceremony, or simply as guidance in navigating the emotional, spiritual and logistical impacts of the event. A doula will walk this path by your side.

1 session (1.5 hours) - $90

Miscarriage / Abortion Support:

All transitions deserved to be honored. In this session Rebecca works with those grieving to bring sacredness to the experience and pave the way to move forward with peace. That may be through grief processing, facilitation of ritual or ceremony, or any emotional or spiritual support that would aid in the healing process.

1 session (1.5 hours) - $90

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